An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is the most effective way to maintain good hygiene. The best part about touchless hand sanitizer dispenser is that it can be mounted on the wall and it makes the process completely conscious and touch-free.

Reduces Human Contact

Non-contact sensor operates the device without any human touch

Full Sanitization of Hands

Sprays sanitizer on hands and palms, ensuring full sanitization

Minimum Wastage

Nozzle creates a mist spray to ensure hands are completely sanitized with minimum usage of sanitizer.

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Country of Origin Made in India
Usage/Application Office/Home
Brand Technosankalp
Material Sheet Metal
Capacity 2 Ltr
Operation Mode Automatic
  1. Microcontroller Based System
  2. sanitizer quantity control
  3. No submersed motor
  4. buzzed indication
  5. Sheet metal body with powder coated
  6. Easy to refill
  7. Made in india